The full agenda for the conference can be found here.


Last Name First Name Affiliation Title Talk/Poster
Armytage Rosalind M. NASA JSC Probing Neodymium Isotopic Variations in the Inner Solar System Talk
Baker Dahlia Coe College Absorber Coatings for Mid Infrared Astrophysics Poster
Battler Melissa MCSS Mission Control Academy: Converting Classrooms Into Rover Control Centres Talk
Bednar Danny Western University Geographies of Scale: Applying Hyndman’s Feminist Geopolitics to Space Activities Talk
Bennett Kristen Northern Arizona University Martian Sedimentary Central Mounds as a Source Of Dark Toned Sand Talk
Caudill Christy Western University Degassing Pipes at the Ries Impact Structure; Implications as an Analgoue For Crater-Related Pitted Materials on Terrestrial Planets Talk
Cote Kristen York University Characterization of a Combined Raman, LIF and LIBS System with Time Resolved Fluorescence Capabilities For Planetary Exploration Applications Poster
Deibert Emily University of Toronto Characterizing Atmospheric Properties of Sub-Saturn Mass Planets: High-Resolution Transmission Spectroscopy Of Hat-P-12B Poster
Deitrick Sarah R. NASA Integrating Diverse Datasets to Assess Approaches for Characterizing Mare Basalts Poster
Del Tigges Mattie Universty of Arizona Mapping Cryo-Volcanic Activity on Enceladus’ South Polar Region Poster
Denton Adeene Brown University Mapping the Fretted Terrain North of Arabia Terra, Mars: Results and Implications for the Evolution of the Dichotomy Boundary Talk
DeWolfe Alex University of Colorado 3D Visualization for Planetary Missions Poster
Diniega Serina JPL Martian Dune Gullies, Comparing Between the North and South Talk
Diniega Serina JPL Linear Gullies: An Intriguing Martian Landform and Local Frost Condition Indicator Poster
Fisher Theresa "Tessa" Arizona State University The Topology of Atmospheric Chemical Reaction Networks as a Potential Biosignature for Exoplanets Talk
Flemming Roberta L. Western University A Decade of Microdiffraction Reconnaissance of Planetary Materials Talk
Gustafsson Annika Northern Arizona University The Near-Infrared High Throughput Spectrograph (NIHTS) Poster
Hamilton Stephanie University of Michigan Observational? ?Bias? ?of? ?Large? ?Semimajor? ?Axis,? ?Eccentric Trans-Neptunian? ?Objects? ?with? the? ?Dark? ?Energy? ?Survey Talk
Hammond Noah University of Toronto Mantle Convection and Tidal Heating Patterns on Tidally Locked Terrestrial Exoplanets Poster
Hanley Jennifer Lowell Observatory Liquid Stability of the Lakes on Titan Talk
Harrington Elise Western University Applied Spectroscopy and Polarimetric SAR for Remote Mapping of Diapiric and Non-Diapiric Salt Talk
Harris Camilla University of Michigan Multi-Fluid MHD Simulations of Europa’s Interaction with Jupiter’s Magnetosphere Talk
Hawkswell Jordan Western University Polygons and Their Depositional Environment: A Case Study in the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut Poster
Hickson Dylan York University Characterizing the Dielectric Behaviour of Asteroid Regolith Analogue Minerals for Planetary Radar Interpretation Poster
Houde Victoria Western University Quantifying Temperature in the Early Solar Nebula Using Cation Ordering of Spinel from Calcium-Aluminium-Rich Inclusions in Carbonaceous Chondrites Talk
Jenkins Laura Elise Western University Quantitative in Situ XRD Measurement of Shock Metamorphism in Martian Meteorites Olivine: Lattice Strain and Strain-Related Mosaicity Talk
Judd Emily University of Michigan Using the Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model to Understand the Importance of Planetary Attributes on Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Poster
Kanee Sarah NASA Non-Destructive Analysis of Potassium in Apollo 11 High-Titanium Basalts Poster
Khatu Viraja Chandrashekhar Western University How Can We Probe the Physics Of Energetic Quasar Outflows? Poster
Kizovski Tanya University of Toronto Detailed Mineralogy and Petrology of Intermediate Poikilitic Shergottite Northwest Africa 6342 Poster
Kööp Levke University of Chicago Using Meteorites to Trace the Evolution of the Early Solar System Talk
Lawler Sam NRC-Herzberg Does Our Solar System Need Another Planet? Discoveries in The OSSOS Survey Talk
Lymer Beth York University Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Non-Destructive Technique for Mineral and Organic Detection in Carbonaceous Chondrites Talk
Marion Beauchamp Cassandra Western University A Crystalline Impact Melt in Drill Core, Haughton Impact Structure? Talk
McAdam Maggie Northern Arizona University Spectral Evidence for Amorphous Materials in Least-Processed Meteorites Talk
Neish Catherine Western University Radar Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces Talk
Patel Parshati Western University The Public Education and Outreach Program at Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration Talk
Rathburn Julie PSI A Closer Look at Thermal Data from a Possible Plume Source North of Pwyll, Europa and Implications for Europa Clipper E-Themis Observations Talk
Rathburn Julie PSI Women of Color in the Planetary Science Workforce: General Participation and Membership Within Spacecraft Mission Teams Poster
Rathburn Julie PSI The American Astronomical Society’S Division of Planetary Sciences Professional Culture and Climate Subcommittee (PCCS) Poster
Roegge Alissa Northern Arizona University Rounded? ?Boulders? ?on? ?Non-Active? ?Small? ?Bodies Poster
Ryan Catheryn York University The Use of 266 nm Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Spectroscopy for Detection of Organic Biomarkers in Martian Analogue Volcanic Rocks Poster
Shankar Bhairavi BeSpatial Consulting Engaging the Next Generation of Space Explorers and Educators Using a Collaborative Approach Talk
Vander Kaaden Kathleen NASA Supporting Women in STEM Fields: The Importance of Female-Led and Female-Populated Organizations Ideal Warehouse Innovations trailer stabilizer jack stands Click here for influencer marketing. Click here for real estate in Belize information. Talk